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Robert Craig Films Announces Study Guide to Reduce Homelessness

Jan 09, 2024 03:40PM ● By AthertonPR News Release

SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - In a continuation of the mission to bring awareness and solutions to homelessness in America, Robert Craig Films is announcing the release of an Interactive Study Guide, which will be widely available on March 5th, 2024, titled, “No Address.” This is an important part of “The Big 5” solutions for homelessness born from the Robert Craig Films produced — award-winning “Americans with No Address” documentary and “No Address movie.”

The Interactive Study Guide

“No Address” provides education and structure for groups nationwide who would like to contribute in a meaningful way to reduce homelessness. Written by a partnership of many industry leaders, it outlines how to best approach and engage in supporting people experiencing homelessness. It consists of resources for how to serve them best. The guide will help individuals, small groups, congregations, pastors and leaders as they help the homeless.

The Interactive Resource Guide is the first of its kind, jointly presented by national executive leadership to serve those experiencing homelessness. These experts include Dr. Robert G Marbut Jr., former White House “Federal Homelessness Czar” and Discovery Institute senior fellow. Dr. Marbut shares, “This has never been done before. In an effort to support individuals and groups nationwide who would like to contribute in a meaningful way to reduce homelessness, this study guide will provide industry leaders who are offering resources for how to best serve those experiencing homelessness.”

The Interactive Study Guide provides education and structure for how to best approach and engage serving people who are experiencing homelessness and will be available to all organizations and individuals.  Other expert contributors to this project are National Commissioner Jolene Hodder, The Salvation Army, John Ashmen Citygate Network President Emeritus, as well as Myrka Dellanos with videos by Max Lucado and Amy Grant.

Topics include:

-Types of homelessness; big picture and root causes

-Why it is up to the people to make the change and not rely on policy and government programs

-Engage rather than enable

-How to best collaborate with existing agencies as an individual or group

-Why duplicating services beyond the established professional agencies can harm more than help

-Building leadership alliances between faith organizations and agencies serving the local homeless community

The Interactive Study Guide will serve individuals, small groups, congregations, pastors and leaders published by David C. Cook.

“Having the opportunity to partner with Robert Craig Films on this impactful project was an immediate yes for us,” said Chadd Miller, executive vice president of David C Cook’s Learning Resources Group. “We are passionate about creating an innovative, interactive study guide, intentionally designed to equip the church to help our brothers and sisters who are experiencing homelessness. I’m excited to bring this study to churches and community groups — including my own.”