The Government is the Real Problem

Carmichael, CA  |  By Paul Scholl
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Senator Nielsen greets retiring Sacramento Metro Fire PIO Michell Cummings. Photo by Susan Maxwell Skinner

Nielsen Speaks to Carmichael Chamber

Carmichael, CA (MPG) – There was a lot of passion being displayed at the most recent Carmichael Chamber of Commerce luncheon about the current state of affairs in California politics.

Senator Jim Nielsen struck right at heart of many of the issues on the minds of local business owners and residents. There was a large contingent on hand, over 115, wanting to know what could be done about the out of control State government.

“Minimum wage is going to be very tough on small businesses. Many of the new bills will increase the cost of doing business in California” Nielsen said. “The current government wants to continue to give authority to agencies, not elected by the people, to raise fees without any oversight.”

The senator described the process of one recent bill and the excesses of the legislature. Contrary to the 72 hour in print rule (and available on the web), a bill of over 700 pages was presented just ten minutes prior to the vote. He said rarely does anyone read the actual contents of the bills being passed before they are voted on.

Nielsen emphasized that it is up to the constituents to be diligent and to “Be aware of the creeping Administrative State”. He described how he had taken it upon himself to try to get through to one particular agency over an issue. His staff could not get through to an actual person in that agency after many attempts. He called himself many times and could not get through. He then assigned a Sergeant  at Arms to go to that agency and stand at the desk of the person he was calling to order them to answer the telephone when he called.

The speech to the Chamber also outlined how there are many backdoor dealings by the current out of control legislators, and how their processes are designed specifically to keep the public in the dark. He said “Government is real problem.”

The senator also touched on other hot topics. He spoke about the complete failure of the government to properly oversee all the problems with the Oroville Dam, both before and after the crisis. He spoke about his personal feelings about the kneeling of people when our national anthem is being performed. “Our anthem speaks to the greatness of our country. We have the finest nation. We are a great nation and a great people” he said.

After his speech, the senator took a number of questions from attendees. One question was “Why weren’t we allowed to vote on becoming a sanctuary state?” Senator Nielsen’s reply was pretty direct. “The legislature in California has created a magnet for criminals. This slams the door shut between law enforcement agencies and they can’t communicate. With Propositions 37, 47 and 57 we are not safe.”

Bottom line? Pay attention to state politics and hold your representatives accountable. They don’t love you.